Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up applications are the permanent placement of paints containing completely organic content to the areas to be treated with micro needles. During this procedure, which is performed with disposable and sterile micro needles, the person does not feel much pain because the feeling of pain is minimized thanks to the anesthesia cream used during the application. Many people who have permanent make-up or eyebrow contours say that they feel less pain than tattoo applications. The procedure is performed on the upper layer of the skin. The duration of the permanent make-up procedure varies according to the area to be applied, the skin elasticity of the person, and the moisture content of the skin. How long this application remains on the skin again varies according to the skin type characteristics of the person, that is, in fact, there is a permanence period of permanent make-up applications that varies according to the person because the dyes used are removed from the skin over time and these dyes, which do not cause any harm to human health, are fragmented and lost with the continuous refreshing of the skin. At the end of this period, it is vital to renew the application and to make small touches on some parts to ensure the continuity of the application.